Good Educate, Healthy Life, Free From Poverty. Help Underprivileged Children.

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Our Projects

Scion Foundtion has projects aimed at reducing proverty, bridging the inequality gab, and improving livelyhood of people, especially children, in depreved areas.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to help educate children, especially the girl child, and provide them with the neccesary education and opportunities to escape poverty. To accomplish this, we have set out on the following mission objectives.


To inspire, motivate and help children make good use of their gifts for personal and coporate developments.


To create resobable opportunities for the youth to use recreation in improving physical and mental health.


To help nurture responsible adults by reinforcing positive skills, and and shield them from endulging in drugs and voilence.


To invest heavily in education, especially for the girl child, in discovering life opportunities and fulfilling life goals.

Help provide good education, and free children from poverty